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Banks in Ho Chi Minc City restructured over VND 63,000 billion worth of debt affected by Covid-19

Mr. Nguyen Hoang Minch - Deputy Director of the State Bank of Ho Chi Minch City Branch said, as of April đôi mươi, 20trăng tròn, credit organizations in the area have restructured over VND 63,000 billion worth of debt and exempted & reduced interest rates of more than VND 12,300 billion according to Circular 01/2020/TT-NHNN.

According khổng lồ Mr. Minh, there were about 168,000 customers benefiting from this program, of which 38% are enterprises.

Meanwhile, according khổng lồ data released from the State Bank of Vietnam, as of the kết thúc of April 2020, more than 170,740 customers with total outstanding loans of VND 128,210 billion had their repayment term rescheduled và their debt group maintained.

14,372 customers with about VND 980,163 billion were exempted from interest rates, remained their debt group. The common interest rate reduction of banks is 0.5-2% per annum, some banks even reduce interest rates by 2.5-4% per annum for existing loans. Interest rates for new loans also dropped by 1-2% per annum with total outstanding loans of about VND 533,000 billion.

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The SBV also said that as of mid-April 20trăng tròn, the growth of outstanding loans nationwide was only 0.8%. Previously, reporting to the Prime Minister at the Online Government Conference on April 10, SBV Governor Le Minch Hung said that credit for the first three months increased by 1.3%. Thus, only in the first half of April 20trăng tròn, credit dropped by 0.5%. This figure decreased compared to March 20trăng tròn (credit in March increased by 1.1%).

Particularly in Ho Chi Minch City, according khổng lồ Mr. Nguyen Hoang Minh, as of the over of April 2020, the growth of savings deposits of banks in HCMC only increased by 0.5%. Meanwhile, credit growth in the đô thị by the kết thúc of April 2020 was 2.22%.

The reason for the only slight increase in saving deposits in the first months of this year was the impact of the covid-19 pandemic, saving interest rates tended to decrease slightly.

In particular, since the beginning of April 20đôi mươi, many commercial banks have sầu adjusted deposit rates in the direction of reducing deposit rates by terms.

Specifically, joint stoông chồng commercial banks with state capital (Vietcomngân hàng, Vietinngân hàng, Ngân hàng Đầu tư và Phát triển BIDV, have sầu their interest rates adjusted for terms of 6 months to lớn less than 12 months to 5.1% per annum, down 0.2% compared with the rate in March 20trăng tròn.