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K BeautyKorean SkincareSkincareSKINCARE REVIEWS || Banila Co Clean It Zero Cleansing Balm OriginalMonday, October 05, 2020

It's been a hot minute since I last blogged, but I intend to get through a huge backlog of posts that have sầu been building up! ...

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It" been a hot minute since I last blogged, but I intover to lớn get through a huge backlog of posts that have been building up!

Korean and Japanese skincare has scaled new heights of popularity in the UK recently, ironically at a time when getting hold of them has become little more difficult & expensive due khổng lồ Covid-19. But it seems as though people are developing more of an understanding beneath the hype that surrounds Asian Beauty.

I" found over the past couple of years I" getting more and more questions on Twitter and Instagram about particular products, & it started to get a bit much, to the point where I can" respond khổng lồ everyone, so it makes much more sense lớn put my thoughts up in a blog post, and just direct people here!

So to lớn kick it all off, I thought I" go with the outrageously popular Clean It Zero cleansing balm from Banila Co. In fact, it" so popular, it" even made it to lớn the Morphe trang web. Its a bit expensive there, but more on that later...

I came across Clean It Zero when I first embarked on my Asian beauty adventures after visiting nhật bản. I experienced some amazing results from Japanese products, & heard that Korean skincare products were every bit as good as their Japanese counterparts. From scouring the internet, one hàng hóa kept coming up over và over again, & that sản phẩm was Clean It Zero, so I just had to get my hands on it, and I" never looked baông xã since.

At that time, the formula was a little lumpy, but these lumps would melt away in the summer, think coconut oil! It still did the job of course, & it wasn" unpleasant, but the lumps were noticeable. The new formula has moved away from mineral oil khổng lồ another type of oil that" an emollient which gives richness to lớn the formula, và makes it milder & much more pleasant on the skin.



First thing" first. The packaging, is an aesthetic dream. When I first used it, the packaging was pretty garish though, really outdated và looked lượt thích it was straight out of the 90s, & not in that good retro kind of way. But, as I mentioned above sầu, they reformulated the sản phẩm, and as part of that, introduced new packaging lớn fit in with the pastel dream aesthetic of their stores. Now, it really is a thing of beauty.

So what actually is Clean It Zero?

Well, it" one of the first cleansers that K-beauty newbies piông chồng up on, just because of its popularity & the rave Đánh Giá it tends to get. They actually have sầu a whole range of cleansing balms - there are Revitalising, Nourishing and Purifying editions, but the one I" looking it is the original.

To summarise, it" a cleansing balm. Banila Co describe it as a "" that transforms into lớn an oil, but I" not sure what they mean by sherbet. I" describe the texture as more of a sorbet, but when it" applied to the face, or comes into tương tác with warmth, it melts down inkhổng lồ an oil.

And when it" time lớn rinse off, you just add a couple of drops of water, the oil starts khổng lồ turn a milky colour & it emulsifies, making it easy to lớn rinse off, ready for your second cleanse. If you" not a tín đồ of emulsifying though, you can just use a damp muslin cloth khổng lồ wipe it off.

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So why the cult status?

Quite simply, it does the job. It removes pretty much any makeup with ease, even waterproof emulsion paints, and it takes off layers of sunscreen. But if that wasn" enough for you, it manages to lớn bởi all this without giving that horrible stripping feeling you can get on your face with some cleansers. It actually feels pleasantkhổng lồ use, the texture is soft and buttery, và they" sầu added the likes of Vitamin E and Acerola extract, which is exfoliating & rich in vitamin C.

Personally, I" always layering on sunscreen, và I can go pretty heavy with the makeup too. If you" sầu ever seen my Instagram, you" be aware that I post creative looks quite frequently, often featuring glitter và cosmetic emulsion paints, which can all be quite tricky khổng lồ remove sầu. Not for Clean It Zero though, it just melts off almost effortlessly, without any tugging on the skin at all.

To add lớn that, the area around my eyes become quite sensitive sầu in summer in particular, yet somehow this doesn" cause any irritation or stinging in that area. It also requires only a small amount of sản phẩm lớn cleanse your face, even for the must stubborn makeup, so a single tub will last you a long time.


Anything else I need lớn know?

Fragrance - there is a slight fragrance lớn the product, though in truth, I" never really noticed it until I came to lớn write this Reviews, and I" sầu been using it for years! I" used the Elemis pro-collagen cleansing balm in the past, which has a really heavy fragrance to it - Clean It Zero is nothing like that at all. However, if fragrance không lấy phí is what you" after, the Purifying Clean It Zero (the baby xanh tub) is fragrance free, it also contains additional beneficial ingredients for the skin, such as the calming Centella Asiatica and brightening Licorice.

Cruelty Free - it" complicated. They vị sell in Trung Quốc, but they state that they don" chạy thử on animals as part of the sản phẩm development process, và the sản phẩm is also vegan. But if that isn" satisfying khổng lồ you, there is an almost identical Korean sản phẩm that has been confirmed as cruelty-không lấy phí. The br& is called Heimish and the hàng hóa is called the All Clean Balm. It" quite popular in Korea, but not on the same cấp độ as Banila. The ingredients in that one are superior và it does basically the same thing. I" reviews that in a later post.

So where can I get it from?

Ah, the golden question! I bought mine from the Banila Co store in Seoul as part of a set baông xã in March 2019, và I still haven" finished both of the tubs that came with it, which really does go khổng lồ show that it lasts.

You can either purchase the Jumbo tub at 180ml or the regular at 100ml - either will last you quite some time. The number of places in the UK selling K-Beauty is starting to increase now, with the likes of Selfridges and Morphe starting khổng lồ cater lớn the demand, both tend lớn hyper-inflate the prices, but if you want it now, then they serve sầu their purpose.

Personally, I get all of my K-beauty from YesStyle, Stylevamãng cầu or eBay. I" sầu heard rumours of fakes doing the rounds on eBay, but to counteract that, if you" going khổng lồ buy K-beauty or J-beauty from eBay, make sure the seller is located in Korea or Japan. If they" based in China for example, the risk of buying a fake is far greater. In fact, the only giả Korean beauty hàng hóa I" ever came across was purchased from a UK based seller on eBay.

The plus side, is when you vị find a Korean or Japanese seller you can often get the products cheaper on eBay, so my advice on purchasing from eBay, is to buy from a seller based in the country of origin of that sản phẩm. But if you" rather not take the risk, Stylevana or YesStyle have sầu got your baông xã.

Note that all of the liên kết below are affiliate link, and I will get a small commission if you purchase through these, but please feel miễn phí khổng lồ do your own retìm kiếm & purchase elsewhere if you prefer:

eBay - 100ml £11.48 + miễn phí postage (shipped directly from South Korea)

eBay - 180 ml £17.94 + không lấy phí postage (shipped directly from South Korea)

YesStyle- 100ml £14.24 - free shipping if you spkết thúc over £43

YesStyle - 180ml £24.37 - không tính phí shipping if you spend over £43

Stylevana - 100ml £13.69 - không tính tiền shipping if you spend over £39

Stylevana - 180ml £19.39 - không lấy phí shipping if you spend over £43

If you do decide to lớn give Banila Co" Clean It Zero a try, I would love sầu to know how it works for you!