Someone who is bitter is angry & unhappy because they cannot forget bad things that happened in the past:

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a svào, bitter alcoholic drink made from spices & plant products that is mixed with other alcoholic drinks
The recriminations that followed the 1940 general strike developed the differences between trade unions & their leaders into bitter conflicts and antagonisms.
The official mind remained determined lớn the bitter end to preserve the symmetry of the promotion pyramid.
When convicted, there was only so much they could vị khổng lồ prevent a sentence of exemplary harshness và a bitter gaol experience.
So deep and bitter was the disagreement, that it affected professional historians as much as practising politicians & the general public.
They know from bitter experience that politicians" promises of prosperity can easily evaporate into deepening poverty & widening income gaps.
They were not bitter exaggerations by frustrated entrepreneurs, but plausible explanations of why ventures had collapsed.
To those who had aspired to lớn better things, the horrors of the half century after emancipation came as a bitter disappointment.
Instead, his narrative ends with a bitter truism: everyone is alone, whether in captivity or liberty.
The sounds that emanate from the orchestra pit ... contrast the ikhuyến mãi nobility ... with the bitter reality on stage.
The bitter division within congregations, however, underlines the truth that khổng lồ introduce sudden và drastic changes in worship is khổng lồ invite confrontation.

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(of a business or other organization) to lớn pay for someone lớn bởi vì something or for something khổng lồ happen

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