One of the trang điểm sản phẩm that I rarely purchase is powder. Why? 1) Because I have dry skin. 2) Powder caked my complexion easily if I apply it all over my face 3) I mainly use it to mix my under eye & eyeliner, hence it takes ages for me to lớn finish it. I even need ages to lớn finish the teeny kích cỡ of the Inniskhông lấy phí no-sebum powder (finally empty it, yay!).

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However, when Pony gushed about this particular powder, the Eglips Blur Powder Pact, I instantly ordered it, especially when I saw that it had pretty affordable price. At that time, It Cosmetics Bye Bye Powder also become a hit, so I considered that the Eglips one might be the dupe to It Cosmetics much pricier blur powder, especially right after the release of this powder, other Korean brand started to release their own blurring powder.


I nearly forget that it’s been a year since I purchased this Eglips Blur Powder Pact, lol. Well, personally I didn’t really lượt thích the idea of touching up my dirty face during the day time with more makeup. Somehow I’ve always paranoid that it would clogged my pores or something. Therefore, I always opted to lớn blot my face with blotting paper or tissue if it’s starting lớn shine in the afternoon. Maybe that reason alone would explain why I haven’t hit the pan with this powder after a year.

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Well, that & the reason that while I do notice that the application with this powder help khổng lồ blurred out my pores, I kindomain authority hate that it would dry out my skin, especially when I apply it in the morning all over my face.


However, these days, especially when I was running out of my Innisfree no-sebum powder, I find myself khổng lồ reach for this powder a lot to phối my under eye và eyeliner. OMG! I didn’t realize that I love sầu the finish that it would give to lớn my eye area. This powder helps lớn phối and blurred my horrible dark circle, lol. Well, I did apply concealer underneath, duh, but it would help blurred and brightened up my dark under eye. Love sầu. It!


So, all in all, I highly highly recommend this powder, especially if you have sầu enlarged pores và oily skin! If this powder does wonders khổng lồ my under eye area, I’m pretty sure that it will also works beautifully for oily skin girls! This Eglips Blur Powder Pact is absolutely worth the hype :-).