Common vietnamese names and nicknames

When talking or writing an email to lớn a Vietnamese person, it is important to lớn pronounce và spell his or her name correctly because no one likes their name to lớn be misspelled. That is why learning some comtháng Vietnamese names is worth your time.

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In addition, knowing the meaning of some Vietnamese names, Vietnamese nicknames or the way a Vietnamese name should be written may help you learn more about the Vietnamese culture. Let"s get started!

The Structure Of Vietnamese Names

Compared to lớn most Western names such as English names or Serbian names, Vietnamese names have sầu an opposite order of given name, middle name, and family name. A Vietnamese name has three parts put in the following order:


For example, "Hồ Chí Minh" (written in English as "Ho Chi Minh") is a full Vietnamese name.

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"Hồ" is the family name or surname, "Chí" is the middle name, & "Minh" is the given name or first name.

A Vietnamese name is usually 3-word long but it could have sầu 2, 4, or even more words. For example:

Nguyễn Kim (2 words)

Phan Văn uống Trường (3 words, popular)

Nguyễn Thị Minc Khai (4 words)

Lê Hoàng Hiếu Nghĩa Đệ Nhất Tmùi hương Tâm Nhân (9 words, aka the longest Vietnamese name so far).

Vietnamese people use their first name in daily conversation, not their family name. When it comes to formal situations, such as a conference, a full name will be used & pronounced after a job title. For instance:

"Chào mừng Ngài Giám Đốc Điều Hành Nguyễn Vnạp năng lượng A!"

"Welcome the CEO Nguyen Van A!"

So, if you talk to lớn a Vietnamese frikết thúc, Hotline hyên ổn or her with the first name which is actually written at the last of a Vietnamese name