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SKINCARE REVIEW: Rohlớn Mentholatum Melano CC Lotion & Intensive Anti-Spot Essence
Reviewed by Lima on Thursday, May 26, năm 2016 Rating: 5
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  You might remember that I travelled khổng lồ Japan in March - much kudos khổng lồ you if you did remember that, because it seems like a distan...

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You might remember that I travelled khổng lồ nhật bản in March - much kudos khổng lồ you if you did rethành viên that, because it seems like a distant memory lớn me already! When I was packing for the trip though, I made sure that I took minimal amounts of makeup, hair care và skincare as I possibly could. After all, I was going to lớn JAPAN, & nhật bản has a reputation for having some of the best cosmetics going - this trip was definitely going lớn hurt my ngân hàng account!
It didn" even occur lớn me ahead of time though, that I" be in nhật bản, và barely anything would be in English, or that the writing on products would be in an alphabet I had no hope of beginning lớn understvà in two weeks! What I did know is what sheet masks looked lượt thích, so I managed lớn pick up a fair amount of those, including the ever-popular LuLuLun masks, which I can personally testify as being bloody excellent, more on these though in another post.
As for everything else, I was clueless. Less than hopeless in all honesty. On one particular aisle, in one particular shop, I spotted a tube & a bottle of liquid with "" in big bold letters on it. Everything else was in Japanese, so I presumed it had something lớn bởi with Vitamin C và just bought them both. Upon arrival bachồng at our Airbnb apartment, I used the sản phẩm in the bottle as a toner, & the tube as a serum, because why not?!
After using it this way for a couple of days, I noticed a dramatic effect on my skin, in a good way. When I first arrived in Japan, my cheeks were suffering a little with whiteheads & even a couple of pimples. I put this down khổng lồ the long haul flight stressing my skin (& my soul) out khổng lồ the max. Using these two products together though, the bumps began to visibly reduce và the marks the pimples left behind as a present were become increasingly faint. Result! But when I got baông xã to lớn the UK, I thought it might be a good idea khổng lồ find out what these products actually are...

As far as I" aware, the Japanese lượt thích lớn hotline their toners "", so by some sort of miracle I was actually right, yay! Also, it does contain vitamin C, which will be why my skin responded so well lớn it. Two out of two for me on this one!
The toner/lotion is supposed khổng lồ prevent acne marks and even out the skin tone, & the online instructions say you can apply this either with cotton wool or direct from your fingers. It also expresses that it" lớn be applied to lớn problem areas, such as spots or patches that require brightening. I used it all over though, day & night, for overall brightening of the skin.
The texture of this toner isn" to dissimilar to any toner you" find here in the UK or over in the States - thin. It has an obvious whiff of citrus, but it" not going lớn burn your nostrils off, it" fairly gentle. After double cleansing, I" apply a couple of drops of the lotion to lớn a cotton pad and swipe it all over the face, và I was quite surprised lớn see the cốt tông pad piông xã up quite a bit of dirt from my face. I can" rehotline this ever happening before from a toner. At first I thought it was the " Effect" of air pollution, but it was the same in Manchester too.
My skin doesn" feel too tight after using this either, in fact I" even go as far as to lớn say that it feels quite refreshed. Also, it" not an astringent toner so it" not going lớn dry your skin out. When you combine the toner with the Essence (see below), it seems khổng lồ work really, really well together. When I stopped using this to move on lớn another toner, I found the essence lost a bit of it" effectiveness. It still worked, it prevented most breakouts, but occasionally I" get a few bumps here or there.

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Essences are absolutely huge in Japan & various other Eastern Asian countries! If I" honest though, I" heard of them prior lớn my Japanese adventure, but I had no idea what they actually were! So what is an Essence? Well, it" pretty much a serum (looks lượt thích I was right again!!) that is typically applied before your moisturiser.
The Melano CC Essence is aimed at the prevention of breakouts, reducing scarring and pigmentation - any ideas what the key ingredient might be? Vitamin C of course! I" seriously thinking of taking up a job as Japanese cosmetics translator. The essence itself can be used on problematic areas of the face, or it can be used as an all over brightening serum - I went with the latter.
It comes in a nice, silvery squeezy tube with a thin nozzle that dispenses the hàng hóa in small drops. The texture is quite runny, almost lượt thích water but with an oily texture khổng lồ it. At first, I applied 5 drops khổng lồ the palm of my h& an attempted to lớn mas sa it all over my face, but it felt like it wasn" really covering everything. So I started to lớn use that thin nozzled dispenser to lớn better effect, taking out one drop at a time and applying directly to lớn the forehead, cheeks, chin and final drop to lớn cover any gaps. Using it this way, you" find that 5 drops is more than enough. At first the essence feels a little oily on the skin after being massaged in, but within just a couple of minutes, that oily sheen disappears and your face is ready for your moisturiser of choice.
Within 2 lớn 3 days, I noticed that my skin" overall appearance had already improved. The bumpy whiteheads looked much less visible and the pimples had almost completely disappeared! After a week" usage, my skin was looking so much clearer, và the scarring from my zits looked lượt thích fading ghosts of Christmas past. I was seriously impressed, even more so because usually lớn get rid of milia I" needed lớn use glycolic acid, which tingles on application. This did not tingle whatsoever, so I was shocked to lớn see it working so well.
I" sầu been using the essence consistently since mid-March & the tube is now cthất bại lớn finishing, the effect it" had on my skin has been very noticeable, even beyond the two week honeymoon period you get with any half decent hàng hóa. My skin is looking a lot brighter, and whilst the stubborn pigmentation is still lingering around my face a little, the overall clarity of my skin tone has improved dramatically.
Both the Essence & the Lotion are so good, I" actually gone và placed an order on Amazon that" been shipped from nhật bản and arrived through my letterbox a few days ago! Whilst in nhật bản I picked these up for about 1000 yen, which translates lớn roughly £6. Of course importing it via Amazonis a shade more expensive sầu, but you won" have sầu lớn pay for delivery. You can purchase the essence *HERE* (£11.81) & the lotion *HERE* (£15.94) - please note that both of these liên kết are affiliate link. I have searched the website, looking for the cheapest option, including delivery, for you guys, & if you buy through these links, I may receive a commission.
Even if these two products aren" up your street, or you feel your current regimen is working for you already I" recommend keeping an eye out on the Asian cosmetics market, because they have sầu all sorts of incredible products, that make me wish I" bought more whilst I was there!

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