Prudential Vietnam Assurance Private Ltd

Ho Chi Minch City, 8 June 2020 – Prudential Vietnam giới Assurance Private Ltd. (Prudential Vietnam) today announced that Phuong Tien Minch had joined the company as Chief Executive Officer (CEO), effective sầu on 3 June. Minh takes over from Clive sầu Baker và will report khổng lồ Wilf Blackburn, Regional CEO, Insurance Growth Markets at Prudential Corporation Asia.

In his new role, Minh will be responsible for driving Prudential Vietnam’s strategy khổng lồ expvà its footprint across the country và provide Vietnamese with greater access lớn its suite of insurance và investment solutions. Under his leadership, Prudential will remain committed to helping Vietnamese achieve sầu their healthcare goals & financial aspirations, in line with its “We DO for a Wealthier & Healthier Vietnam” commitment.

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Minch is no stranger to Prudential Vietnam, having held leadership roles at the company between năm nhâm thìn and 2018. As Chief Distribution Officer & Chief Marketing Officer, he developed new sale channels for the business, led efforts khổng lồ transsize và digitalise its agency distribution & tapped the fast-growing urban customer segment.

Before taking up his current role in Prudential Vietphái mạnh, Minc was at HSBC, where he built the bank’s retail banking business as the first country head of Retail Banking & Wealth Management in Vietnam. He had also headed business development, product development và customer acquisition efforts in various leadership roles for a decade at the ngân hàng, from 2005 to năm ngoái.

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Wilf Blackburn said, “Prudential Vietphái mạnh is an integral contributor khổng lồ our Asia franchise & playing an important role in leading the next wave sầu of growth for Prudential. With his extensive knowledge and experience in the life business, commercial banking, retail banking và wealth management, Minch is well-positioned lớn lead Prudential Vietnam giới khổng lồ greater success. Under his leadership, I am confident that Prudential Vietphái nam will continue to play a crucial role in fulfilling our ambition to lớn be the undisputed insurance leader in Asia.”

Phuong Tien Minhsaid, “I am very honoured khổng lồ re-join Prudential Vietnam giới as its new CEO. We are living in extraordinary times as the Covid-19 pandemic has changed the way people live, think và interact with each other. As a leader in the insurance sector, Prudential Vietphái nam remains firmly committed khổng lồ delivering on its mission to protect the health & wealth of millions of Vietnamese people. Having operated in Vietnam giới for more than 20 years, coupled with its suite of best-in-class offerings, advanced giải pháp công nghệ capabilities & a strong purpose-led culture, Prudential Vietnam is well positioned to lớn seize the opportunities to build an even more dynamic, modern và fast-growing business.”


Prudential Vietphái nam CEO Phuong Tien Minh


About Prudential in Vietnam

Prudential Vietphái nam is a subsidiary of Prudential plc, a leading global financial group headquartered in the UK. It has operated in Vietnam for over trăng tròn years và is focused on expanding the life insurance market và changing people’s perception of insurance.

In Vietnam giới, Prudential is the leading life insurance company, and to lớn date has helped over 1.5 million Vietnamese people achieve sầu their protection needs and wealth aspirations in life. The company offers products focused on Protection, Saving and Investment via over 200,000 financial consultants, an expansive network of over 360 offices as well as a nationwide network of partnerships with eight reputable banks and 366 hospitals and clinics (as at March 2020). Prudential is also a pioneer in applying modern công nghệ to lớn simplify the process & enhance the customer experience as well as support the community on their healthcare journey.

The year 2019 was a significant milestone for Prudential as it celebrated 20 years of delivering good and sustainable values in Vietnam giới. The company launched a new brand commitment, “Listening. Understanding. Delivering.”, which reaffirms its commitment khổng lồ always putting customers first, delivering innovative and comprehensive solutions to lớn support their evolving needs for a healthier và wealthier life while making engagement easier for today’s digital-savvy customers.