Kiehl'S Midnight Recovery Concentrate Face Oil Reviews 2021

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Kiehl"s has been around for a while—since 1851 khổng lồ be exact (its origins tie back to a single Kiehl"s pharmacy in New York City). The br&, which has grown to over 250 stores across the globe, specializes in carefully formulated skin care, including their beloved Creme de Corps body lotion, Ultimate Strength hvà salve sầu, Ultra Facial Cream with Squalane, và countless others, some of which you probably have sầu propped up in your own beauty cabinet. But have sầu you experienced the transformative sầu wonder of Kiehl"s Midnight Recovery Concentrate Face Oil? Or are you wondering if it"s all just hype?

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This face oil features primrose oil, lavender, & squalane, ingredients that help smooth out fine lines và leave skin brighter more even with a just a couple uses. Prices start at $29.

To an extent, a lot of skin-care products require a little bit of magical thinking. Most formulas won"t shave sầu off đôi mươi years and iron out wrinkles overnight—but some can certainly help. I wanted lớn put the Midnight Recovery Concentrate khổng lồ the test and see what would happen if I used it every single night for a full week (when I"m committed, I"m committed).

I have sầu experience with the face oil—I"d gotten a sample (thanks, Sephora points!) that I happily used up & liked because it didn"t make me break out lượt thích some other oils do. I have sầu oily-full bộ skin, so I need lớn be careful about anything that feels too greasy, but my skin embraced Midnight Recovery oil with no complaints. So, when the sample bottle ran out, I went ahead and bought myself a jumbo-sized bottle that"ll likely last until I"m old enough khổng lồ start my Social Security, or what"s left of it.

What Kiehl"s Midnight Recovery face oil promises

Like many face oils on the market, Midnight Recovery face oil says it can reduce fine lines, smooth skin texture, and "boost radiance in just one night." It moisturizes tired skin, leaving it feeling more supple, và helps repair it overnight when it"s "most receptive" to reparation. It also promises that it"s lightweight và absorbs quickly.


So, what happened when I used Kiehl"s Midnight Recovery face oil for a week?

Since part of my job is trying out thousands upon thousands of beauty products every year, I lượt thích lớn think myself impervious lớn hype và overselling, but Kiehl"s marketing was right (khổng lồ me at least). I applied the oil at night after showering (without using any of the other products I generally incorporate during my night routine, lượt thích toner, serum, & moisturizer). Just a few drops of oil, which I massaged inlớn my skin with my fingers & a jade roller, & that was it. I woke up & my face did appear brighter & healthier. As the days went on, I wondered if I"d start to break out. Too much of a good thing...yeah, you know how it goes.

By day three, no zits. And while the oil absorbs fairly quickly like Kiehl"s advertises, it does leave sầu your face, well, oily. But there was no transfer to my pillow, & didn"t feel heavy. On day five, my skin was still clear (not an easy feat, since my period was lurking in the shadows, waiting lớn strike with a blemish or two). More importantly: it was more even & areas that are normally redder (nose, chin, forehead) seemed to lớn have sầu calmed down. I only needed Glossier"s Skin Tint for makeup (normally I need something a bit heavier).

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By the kết thúc of my experiment, I was satisfied with the results (và also didn"t regret going all out & buying the gigantic jar). My skin looked more lively, even, and for once, it was completely clear (take that, period). It also seemed less oily throughout the day, so the formula did seem to lớn balance out my skin"s natural oils. It"s worth adding that the natural lavender oil this stuff is made with is calming, which I love sầu before bedtime.

Conclusion? This stuff is hype-worthy & this commerce editor-certified. The only thing I want to lớn point out is that the oil is good for smoothing out fine lines, but since I don"t have sầu that issue (yet), I can"t confirm whether or not that"s true. But Call me in five years, & I"ll let you know how it works as a preventative sầu measure.

What"s in Midnight Recovery face oil exactly?

So, yeah. What are the *magical* ingredients that make them so effective? The oil"s star ingredients include evening primrose oil, oải hương oil (hence the lavender scent), and squalane.

Primrose oil contains fatty acids, including omega-3 và omega-6, which some say help restore the skin"s barrier và aid in hydration; Lavender may help with inflammation và even out skin tone (however, if you"re sensitive lớn oải hương essential oil, I wouldn"t recommend this product); và squalane—a botanical lipid that comes from olives—also can help with hydration, as it helps protect the skin"s barrier. The formula also includes rosemary leaf oil, jojotía oil, và turmeric root extract, all of which may help hydrate & protect skin. If you have sensitive sầu skin, we recommend talking to your dermatologist before using Midnight Recovery oil (or at least testing on a small patch of skin first before dousing your entire face with it).

If you"re on the fence, you"ve sầu got the green light from me.

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