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It’s been 3 years since I last shared this Reviews on Timeless 20% Vitamin C Serum. I’ve sầu gone on to lớn repurchase another bottle, & thankfully, it is now available in Singapore. The biggest difference in the new purchase is the entire repackaging – from a blue-tinted glass bottle to a yellow plastic pump bottle.

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Today, I’ll update the difference, but still retain the original photos & contents for reference. Check out this 20% Vitamin C Serum if you want radiant và healthy skin. 

Update (May 2021): This post was first published in March 2018 & updated to included lademo information and opinion.

New vs Old Packaging

More about Vitamin C Serum & its Benefits

Not sure if you guys have sầu heard of the popular & expensive Skinceuticals CE Ferulic. It has almost similar formula as Timeless Vitamin C Serum, but cost many times more. Today, I’ll make a general comparison between the two and you can then decide if you like to lớn try the very-much-cheaper Timeless Vitamin C Serum.

Prior lớn that, let’s talk more about why someone would want khổng lồ use a Vitamin C Serum và how to lớn go about choosing one. Read on.

Vitamin C Serum & its Benefits

I’ve sầu shared in an earlier post about why I thought Vitamin C Serum should form an integral part of one’s skincare regimen. In a nutshell, Vitamin C Serum is great in brightening skin toneregenerating the collagen in our skin.

Those with pigmentation or aging skin would benefit the most from Vitamin C serum.

How I Search for a Great Vitamin C Serum?

Unfortunately, most Vitamin C Serums available in retail stores are expensive sầu, especially if they contain Ascorbic Acid instead of Vitamin C derivatives. I was doing quite a bit of retìm kiếm & found that many cheaper Vitamin C Serum – especially those available on Amazon – contain Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate, which is a less preferred (by me) but more stable size of Vitamin C. 

And many also contain alcohol or witch hazel, which really isn’t all that great when added to lớn the potentially-drying Vitamin C. It took me some time to lớn find one that comes with Ascorbic Acid, contains no alcohol/witch hazel và is affordably priced. Not an easy feat, okay?

Let’s find out more about Timeless 20% Vitamin C Serum và see if it does its job well.

Marketing Claims by Timeless 20% Vitamin C Serum

Timeless 20% Vitamin C Serum as its name suggests contains 20% of Vitamin C form, which in this case is L-Ascorbic Acid. It also contains Vitamin E và Ferulic Acid which are ingredients said lớn help extkết thúc the life và effectiveness of Vitamin C.

I was surprised and happy khổng lồ see that Timeless 20% Vitamin C Serum also contains hyaluronic acid in its formulation.

Timeless 20% Vitamin C Serum (Original 2018 Packaging)

Timeless also mentions that the serum can:

Even skin tone & help build collagen Brightens dull complexionsCorrects hyperpigmentation and discolorationProvides protection against environmental stressors

Let’s see if Timeless 20% Vitamin C Serum is able to meet all four of her claims!


What’s Good about Timeless 20% Vitamin C Serum? 

1. Easy lớn Apply

Applying Timeless 20% Vitamin C Serum was a breeze! The solution while watery was easy khổng lồ apply because it has a slight slip lớn it. This not only makes it easy to ‘pichồng up’ the liquid with your finger tips, but also lớn spread it easily over the face.

As you can see from the photos below, Timeless used lớn operate by way of a dropper. Today, it uses a pump bottle making application even more convenient. However, one trade-off is that you are not able to customise the quantity per application. 

For my small face, I found the dispensed amount slightly more than what I would need. But that’s fine as it forces/reminds me to lớn apply it all the way across my nechồng and décolletage. 


Timeless 20% Vitamin C Serum (Old Bottle)
New Packaging – Timeless Vitamin C Serum

2. Comfortable và Weightless After-feel

As expected, Timeless 20% Vitamin C Serum with its rather watery solution feels lightweight and comfortable on the skin.

Immediately upon application, there was only a slight stickiness. Wait a brief moment & the skin absorbs the serum beautifully leaving no grease and stickiness. In fact, the skin feels like bare skin, but without the tightness. Vitamin E in this formula could have sầu helped provide skin with the initial hydration witnessed during application.

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Update (May 2021): The above was documented in 2018 & continue to apply to lớn the new bottle I’ve purchased in 2021, in terms of consistency và after-feel. 

3. Brighter Skin Tone

I started using Timeless 20% Vitamin C Serum in January 2018. After one month, I noticed that my skin was fairer, more translucent and glowing with radiance. My age spots that appeared after turning 30 have lightened – some spots faded more than the others. Let’s go through one by one on the blown-up before-after photos. The AFTER photos were taken on the 3-month mark.

Update (May 2021): The following Before-After observations were made in 2018. In 2021, I did not make such phokhổng lồ comparison, but bởi vì notice brighter & fairer skin. Hope it’s not placebo effect. :) 


This spot on my chin has lightened albeit not very significantly. 


I am happy with the lightening of this spot near my eye. It should be gone in no time, I hope. 


This very faint spot near my brow has also faded so much I can hardly see it on the AFTER phokhổng lồ.

4. Didn’t Trigger Pimples

It is comtháng for some Vitamin C Serum lớn trigger pimples. In fact, 60% of Vitamin C Serum I’ve tried caused me to lớn breakout. Timeless 20% Vitamin C Serum surprisingly didn’t which came as a surprise because I’ve read that products containing vitamin E may trigger pimple breakouts. 

If you wonder, the 2021 yellow bottle also does not give sầu me pimple problem. 

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5. Affordably Priced

As compared khổng lồ Skinceuticals’ CE Ferulic Vitamin C Serum, Timeless has very similar formulation in 2018, as shown below.

Timeless: Water, Ethoxydiglycol, L-Ascorbic Acid, Propylene Glycol, Alpha Tocopherol, Polysorbate 80, Panthenol, Ferulic Acid, Sodium Hyaluronate, Benzylalcohol, Dehydroacetic Acid.Skinceuticals (2018): Aqua / Water / Eau, Ethoxydiglycol, Ascorbic Acid, Glycerin, Propylene Glycol, Laureth-23, Phenoxyethanol, Tocopherol, Triethanolamine, Ferulic Acid, Panthenol, Sodium hyaluronate


In 2021, I can no longer find Skinceutical’s exact ingredient danh mục online. The only thing I can see is 15% pure Vi-Ta-Min C (L-Ascorbic Acid), 1% vitamin E, & 0.5% ferulic acid.

So, yes, we do notice a lower vitamin C percentage (15% vs 20%) as compared to Timeless. If you can find the lachạy thử ingredient các mục, do let me know, k? 

Price Comparison: Skinceutical vs Timeless Vitamin C Serum

Skinceuticals CE Ferulic Vitamin C Serum is priced at US$166, many times pricier than Timeless 20% Vitamin C Serum which is priced at US$27 (see lachạy thử online price).

Singaporeans, good news! It’s somewhat surprising that we can get it cheaper in Singapore (via Shopee). I ordered it for just SGD25 (30% cheaper and no need lớn worry about delivery cost).

Don’t forget to lớn get your Shopee $10 Credit if you are a new user.

This prompted me to lớn give sầu Timeless 20% Vitamin C Serum a try in 2018 before potentially venturing khổng lồ the more popular Skinceuticals CE Ferulic Vitamin C Serum. I mean, if a significantly lower-priced hàng hóa can do the job well, then why waste the money, right? 

6. Quite Stable for an Unstable Ingredient 

Timeless trang web indicated the serum as having a shelf life of just 3 months. I’m happy to report that my first bottle in 2018 was still White và clear even after 6 months. One thing I did was to keep it in the fridge right from the beginning. I believe sầu this has helped slow down the oxidation process of Vitamin C Serum.

In 2018, I had depleted only one-fifth of the serum after 3 months of usage. Let’s see how long this 2021 bottle can last since each pump dispenses more quantity. 

7. Not Over-Drying to Skin

Now, this is another difference between the 2018 và 2021 observations. A few years ago, I’d written that Timeless Vitamin C was dehydrating though I had also highlighted that it got less drying over time (after a few months).

In 2021, I did not notice significantly drier skin right from the start of application. Great, isn’t it? 

What’s not good about Timeless Vitamin C Serum? 

1. No Visible Firming

Timeless had shared that Vitamin C Serum could build collaren and in 2018, mentioned that it could make skin firmer. Unfortunately, I did not notice any skin-plumping or firming effect, both in 2018 & 2021. 

How to Apply Timeless 20% Vitamin C Serum? 

Timeless used lớn advise twice daily application, & I’d shared then that vitamin C serum shouldn’t need multiple application as it can last at least a day on the skin. Furthermore, multiple application a day could exacerbate skin irritation. 

In 2021, the instruction has changed khổng lồ once a day & Timeless recommends evening application. If you prefer daytime application, Timeless asks that you follow up with a sunscreen.

2021 application instructions

Personally, I prefer morning application as that was an advice from my aesthetic doctor…that doing so can ensure maximum benefit when UV exposure is at its peak. Here’s an extract from self.com:

…vitamin C becomes less effective when exposed to lớn light, so it’s important to give it time to lớn absorb inkhổng lồ your skin before going outside… You don’t need khổng lồ wait a specific amount of time—as long as it’s absorbed, you’re good to lớn go. ~ self.com

Timeless 20% Vitamin C Serum (2018)


In 2018, after 3 months of usage, I was still looking forward lớn opening my fridge và taking out the cold bottle of Timeless 20% Vitamin C Serum khổng lồ apply. In 2021, it’s the same! :)

I love its comfortable after-feel, proven ingredient (Ascorbic Acid), great price & skin-brightening effect. I also appreciate that it’s safe khổng lồ use on my pimple-prone skin. 

Now, I used lớn say that I would hesitate buying it because it was drying. But today, that nhỏ has been struchồng off in this updated nhận xét (or new bottle). Still, I’m keen to lớn try the more expensive Skinceutical, just lớn be sure which is better. Will update when I feel the urge to lớn spkết thúc more money. :) Rating: 4.5/5

To find out the latest price on Amazon, click HERE. 

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(This post was first published in Mar 2018 & last updated to lớn include lathử nghiệm information & opinion.)

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