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Eyelash curlers are one tool most makeup artists refuse to lớn work without. That"s because curling the lashes up and away from the eye area amplifies the benefits of mascara and brightens up the entire face.

For those who haven"t used this beauty tool before, an eyelash curler has a few key components that make for a comfortable experience—a curved eyepiece that fits your eye shape, a rubber lash pad lớn prevent pinching, and large handles that exert smooth, even pressure. Don"t know where khổng lồ start?

Here are the best eyelash curlers that you can buy today.

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This lash curler can curl any mix of lashes. Truly. It’s so important that straight-lashed girls know this curler is out there because we"re confident it will change their lives.

The beautiful Japanese kiến thiết clamps on in two stages, allowing you lớn carefully control when và where you exert force onto your lashes, và the soft silicone pads keep your lashes from getting too sharply crimped.

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One of the top-rated drugstore curlers on the market, this one has a gentle price point that makes it the ikhuyến mãi option lớn perfect your technique with. We love sầu it for three main reasons: One because the pre-mascara results are pretty significant, two because it"s simple to lớn use, and three because the price is easy on our wallets.

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